M101 Supernova Picture

M101 Supernova SN2011fe PTF11kly

M101 Supernova SN2011fe PTF11kly

Took another shot at M101 supernova tonight:

Target: Messier 101 (aka NGC5457, UGC8981, PGC50063 ) Other objects: SN2011fe aka PTF11kly Apparent magnitude: 7.9 Apparent dimensions: 29′ x 27′ Date: 9/01/2011 Location: Woodinville, WA (Red light pollution level) Conditions: Below average transparency, below average visibility Equipment: Celestron C8-A XLT (2032mm f/10), Celestron […]

M101 Supernova

M101 Pinwheel Galaxy with Supernova

M101 PInwheel Galaxy on August 1st 2011

By now you must have probably heard the news: there is a new supernova in M101 Pinwheel Galaxy… It soon will be bright enough to be seen though a pair of good binoculars as it gets brighter.  But even several days before it was impossible to miss […]